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hey my name is devin and I am staring my first hunt soon and I found out it was a demon.Before I get started on the hunt though I would like some advice on how you hunt demons.

my plan is to draw out a devils trap and then continue with a cleansing. Should I stick with the plan or not? If not lend me a plan


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I insist you get help from several other highly experienced hunters, like several on this site. Just go gather a team and take care of business


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valkerie your plan is solid, the only thing i would add is make sure you go in KNOWING it will work and that you are better then the son of a b!t@h show no fear and you'll be fine.

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Valkyrie, if you're interested in Demons, we have a bunch of topics discussing certain methods of overpowering them and how to resist them, as well as a whole section on the Lore page describing Demons and their powers. Look around and I'm sure you'll find a method of taking them down you feel comfortable with. Good luck.


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